Negg hunting!
The Festival of Neggs has begun!
Now that Kari has her booth built & beautified there are several neggs she would like you to locate.
A new negg is released daily. There are four striped neggs, four polka dotted neggs, four swirly neggs, and four plaid neggs.

Check out SunnyNeo's negg hunting guilde:

And for easier navigation while you hunt down these neggs check out there Maps Links Page:

& if 5 million neggs are found everyone that participated in the event will receive an extra prize! :D

Good luck & happy hunting!

Pets up for trade
The user illsquirts has informed me that she has a split colored Bruce as well as a blue Chomby named Squoits up for trade!

Festival of Neggs!
Hello there Neopets lovers! Spring has officially sprung in Neopia. The flowers are blooming, Ixi's are frolicking, & most importantly the Festival of Neggs has begun!!
If you would like to help Kari, the negg fearie, build up her booth & make it all beautiful she will reward you with wearables, chocolates, & neggs! These quests are different from any other fearie quest might I add. You do not need to spend a single Neopint!

Just pay her a visit here:

If you would like a quick walk-through of the quests available check out this awesome guide by SunnyNeo:


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